Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day & Schedule

Today was our first day of school. It went okay. Josh and I had an orthodontist appointment this morning at 8:00 a.m. so that threw us off a little.
When we got back, I had one-on-one sessions with each child and went over their curriculum and such. Josh and Annette were the only two who could really get anything done, since they don't need me so much.
The four younger ones really didn't get any work done.

Brent, did have some preschool time with Lance. He had him trace a few pages, they worked on a craft and had recess time (in the rain). I thought it was nice of Brent to help keep Lance, busy.

We all took a break for lunch. We had Cream of Wheat. Something soft for Josh. His mouth is a bit sore from the new wire. I was going to read a chapter from our read aloud but wasn't able to after all. I printed out four chapters of The Burgess Bird Book for Children. Some how I printed out chapter one twice. I though, no problem, I can print out the next chapter in a few minutes. Not! My printer wouldn't let me print for some reason. Unfortunately I wasn't able to read the second chapter.

Anyway, we got through day one here at Homeschooling6. It didn't go as well as planned but could have been worse. Part of the problem was I didn't have a schedule and I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't prepared teacher wise. Meaning, I didn't have all my teacher manuals out, ready to go.

To better help my school run smoother tomorrow, I made a schedule.

8:00 Bible with all the children
8:30 Phonics with Ethan
9:00 Math with Caleb & Brent
9:30 Phonics with Lance
10:00 Math with Josh
10:30 Math with Ethan
11:00 Phonics Road with Caleb & Brent
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Spelling with Josh & Annette
1:30 Math with Lance
2:00 Clean up, ask mom questions etc.
2:30 Quiet time. All children in their rooms
4:00 Free time

Hopefully the schedule will keep us on track. Of course it's give or take a few minutes here and there =) I guess I should call it more a guideline for us. I will have to post a picture of our schedule. My camera is in the car or hubby has it, so no pictures today.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crazy and Loud

I only have a moment. My dad is on his way over for a cup of coffee and Spanish bread. I have my day old Taco Bell burrito heating in the oven. We have no microwave yet.

I wanted to not forget these loud and crazy days we have here at Homeschooling6. The kids running around playing battles. Mom going crazy because it was one of those days where I just wasn't up to the noise.

The dishes were piling. We don't have a dishwasher, so I feel like I'm cleaning dishes all day. Oh, wait! I am cleaning dishes all day. Hee, hee. There is something about washing dishes by hand. I get to think and talk to God. Some days I think too much and should talk to my Lord more.

I'll admit that there are days though when I do miss my dishwasher.

I can only imagine how we must look:
  • Having to wash clothes outside
  • filling toilet tank with bucket
  • no microwave
  • no dishwasher
  • family of 8 living in a two bedroom apartment (now moved into a three bedroom)
Too funny! I love my loud, crazy life.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I changed my blog name from "Training6HeartforHim" to "Training6Hearts4Him" and didn't realize it would affect everyone's links who link to me.

If you can please update your link. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, I like this background. Maybe I'll change my other one to this. Nice!